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  • All music releases, genres, special offers, exclusive items and labels from all over the world, collected for you in one easy-to-use, real-time updated database and ordering system:
  • The supplier of all formats, amongst others CD, CDS, DVD, SACD, VINYL, Blu-Ray DVD, books, and merchandise.
  • Daily deliveries, stock availability, release information and more
  • One system, one catalogue, one invoice, one contact person to support you
  • Over 40 years of music business experience
  • Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Real time access enable you to have an up-to-date catalogue with various valuable features
  • More information about Bertus can be read on

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This site is for Bertus customers. Bertus customers are basically record shops and other music industry related businesses. You need a login to proceed. If you don't have an account please contact your salesperson. He or she is pleased to help you.

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